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Features That Make a Great Aged Care Facility

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One of the most challenging decisions for a family to make is choosing the best aged care Barwon Heads facility for their ageing loved ones. There is a horde of factors that need to be considered, from the location to the cost. The task alone is daunting enough already, let alone the emotional stress that it brings.

Visiting the home, however, would give you the best opportunity to really get a sense of what it’s like to live there. Like any home that’s open for inspection, you should look at the following to decide whether a residential care Barwon Heads facility is suitable for an elderly’s needs.

  1. The building property – You should primarily consider the condition and the accessibility the building offers. It should definitely be well maintained and easily accessible regardless of the structure’s age.

Consider also the communal area and the rooms if they are of a decent size in relevance to capacity. Is the area’s cleanliness well maintained? Is the building easy to navigate with ample lifts and ramps? Are there enough parking spaces for visitors? These are just some questions to ask yourself when searching for aged care Barwon Heads offers.

  1. The amenities of the facility – Normally, you may want to start with the rooms for your assessment. Ask yourself questions like:
  • Do they look welcoming enough?
  • Are options available for those who want to have the privacy of their own space and those seeking company alike?
  • Are they personalised?

These questions are important to ensure that the permanent care Barwon Heads facility you choose satisfies your needs.

Next is visiting the common areas. Breakaway spaces are ideally important for visitors and residents, and it is important that you can shift from one to the next. It may also be worth your while to check for any outdoor spaces that the residents can enjoy.

You also need to make a consideration for any special needs, may it be pre-existing or potential. Is there a dementia care Ocean Grove facility available? Does the facility meet the specialist requirement of individual residents? How accessible is the specialist care onsite or nearby?

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  1. The team members and caregivers – How the caregivers’ treat the residents is very important to their overall well-being while staying in an aged care facility. Ask about the resident-to-staff ratio and ensure the facility is equipped adequately to assists residents with their specific needs. Observe how big a role the caregivers have in the daily lives of the residents.
  1. The accreditation – It is mandatory that the aged care facility be accredited by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) to receive subsidies from the government. For your peace of mind, you may check if the facility has received this accreditation and to what standard it adheres to before making your decision.

This is what separates Arcare facility from the rest. Having met the 44 out of the 44 expected audit outcomes from the AACQA, this aged care facility blew off the charts to be considered as one of the best aged care facilities in Australia. Check out their aged care Barwon Heads facility. For more information, visit their website at:

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