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One million visits to our portal

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With this motive we put at the disposal of the readers of our publications the first digital edition of the Poeta Pistola en Mano book by poet Sarandy Cabrera, published in March 1970, and published by Editorial Tauro. This emblematic book sold out several editions in the pachecato era and there are still few copies among antique booksellers, but it still stands out among the cover designs of the time for its color and originality, apart from the social nature of its preparation since from the prison of Punta Carretas he collaborated with two engravings on paths sliced ​​of potato (papatipo) Líber De Lucía Grajales, prisoner at that time, and draftsman.

This publication is also made, on the occasion of the 43 anniversary of the appearance of the book Poeta Pistola en Mano (PPM, as it used to be written at that time, January 1970), a work that consigns a change of emphasis in the literary and anticipatory work of Sarandy Cabrera, and three years before the formalization of the civic-military coup, in whose process the poet was beaten between police stations and barracks until his final exile.