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The author wrote “I LOVE YOU”

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I want you at ten in the morning
and at eleven and twelve in the day.
I love you with all my soul
and with my whole body sometimes in the rainy afternoons.
But at two in the afternoon
or at three …
when I start thinking about the two of us,
and you think about the food or the daily work,
or in the amusements that you do not have,
I start to hate you harshly
with half the hatred I keep for myself.
Then I love you again,
when we go to bed and I feel like you’re made for me,
that your knee and your belly tell me in some way,
that my hands convince me of it,
and that there is no other place where I come,
Where I go better than your body.
You come all whole to me,
and we both disappear for a moment,
we put ourselves in the mouth of God,
until I tell you that I am hungry or sleepy.
Every day I love you and I hate you hopelessly,
and there are days there are also hours when I do not know you,
in which you are stranger to me as someone else’s wife.
I worry about men,
I worry, I am distracted by my sorrows,
It probably does not think about you for a long time.
You see, who could love you less than me?
My love.