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The origins of Vintén Editor

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The publishing house Vintén Editor was created in Växjö (Sweden) in the year 1980. The origin of that publishing house was to have in that medium, some literary values ​​in Spanish and of our country in particular. In the absence of great economic means the editions then made were very simple and fundamentally handcrafted. For such a project there was no printing, bookbinding, distribution, etc. that is, all the steps involved in the edition and dissemination of the book.

In this situation, we opted for a single format in general for the printed sheet, ie A4 (210 x 297 mm) and A5 (148 x 210 mm) for the finished booklet. The composition, and the binding (to easel) was in charge of the unique member of such editorial simple. The runs were very small and reached a maximum of 50 copies being the usual 25.
The printing was done by the procedure that in Sweden is called Snabbtryck, that is to say a half way between the photocopy and the offset, with which one obtained very good impression and duration, without some problems of retinte that the photocopy presents, especially when it is crushed in storage.

Throughout the process, the great variety of white paper and colors available in Sweden, famous producer of such materials, was taken advantage of. When a second ink was necessary, the editor himself gave them with a tempera and a brush, one copy per copy. They were given free of charge to the compatriots and other exiles of the Spanish language.

Among the works published in those years and that do not appear in the facsimile that accompanies this note, I mention by way of example the 4th. Illustrated 1980 edition of the “Soneroticon”; the edition of the 40th anniversary of “Onfalo” taken from the 1st. from Montevideo; “40 Spineles” by Meana from 1989; “Testament” by John Donne, 1986; “Gold and Dollars” of 1992; “Nomenclature and apology of the Concha”, 1988 and “Puta Cicuta” of 1982.